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Liaoning Eden Venture Investments Ltd. is a Canadian Joint Venture. It is Co-owned by Liaoning Non-Ferrous Geological Research & Exploration Institute and Eden Investments Ltd.

Liaoning Non-Ferrous Geological Research and Exploration Institute (LNFGREI) is one of the largest Enterprises (SOE) located in Asia, it has been a lead within the field of resource exploration for more than 60 years.

Eden Investments has been formed with a goal to bridge the gap between eastern and western business partnerships since 1999. In early 2012, the two corporations joined up for a business venture partnership within the resource sector with a focus on mining, technology and ore exploration.

Our Vision

The partnership was formed with founding principles where:

  • China has expressed a desire to invest in Canada, especially in the resources sectors that involves minerals & mining, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, aquaculture, energy and technology.
  • China is largely a manufacturing based economy and is therefore very Resource dependent with far less domestic supply that consumption.
  • Chinese Mining Companies have large financial resources to develop and bring production within the mineral resource sector.
  • LNFGREI has the expertise, equipment and knowledge to formulate exploration proposals and business plans that will further enhance progress of exploration and resource development
  • Eden Investments acts to facilitate proper investments and knowledge to bridge the gap between the 2 nations.

Latest Project


High Concentrations of Copper and Silver Ore

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