Liaoning Eden Venture Investments Ltd.

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Our Mission

Liaoning Eden Venture Investments Ltd. is a Canadian mineral exploration company registered in BC with headquarters in West Vancouver and a China office in Shengyang Liao Ning Province.

The company focuses on metals and minerals exploration that includes resources such as Copper, Gold, Silver, Zink, Lead and more. Our mission is to acquire mineral interest through stakes, earn-in, and joint ventures while utilizing unique exploration programs and techniques.
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Our International Partners

Our international partners consists of Liaoning Non-Ferrous Geological Research & Exploration Institute and Eden Investments Ltd.

Founded in 1949, Liaoning Non-ferrous is one of the largest exploration firms in China. The company has 1500-strong at its core work force armed with a full range of geological and engineering expertise.

Eden Investments Ltd. is a Vancouver-based investment firm that has facilitated many joint investment projects between Canadian and Chinese companies.

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