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Liaoning Eden Venture Investments Ltd. is a Canadian Joint Venture. The company is is always looking for new ventures and partnerships in the near future. It is currently Co-owned by Liaoning Non-Ferrous Geological Research & Exploration Institute & Eden Investments Ltd.

The current exploration project in Northern British Columbia has turned out successful near the end of 2012. Future exploration and large scale surveys are planned for the following year, should this be successful, the company will carry forward to become a publicly traded company with intentions to expand within the field of mineral aquisition that can benefit both Canada and China.

Liaoning Non-Ferrous Geological Research and Exploration Institute (LNFGREI) is one of the largest Enterprises (SOE) located in Asia, it has been a lead within the field of resource exploration for more than 60 years.

Eden Investments has been formed with a goal to bridge the gap between eastern and western business partnerships since 1999. In early 2012, the two corporations joined up for a business venture partnership within the resource sector with a focus on mining, technology and ore exploration.

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