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Latest Project - Omica Mining District, North West British Columbia, Canada

In 2011, the company acquied 100% interest through staking in 5 blocks of mineral claims in this area, which has seen increased exploration activities in recent years. The total claim area contains 37 claims, and covers an area of 173km2. Focus is on Zymoetz River property at the north and Clore River property at the south.

Heavy deposits of Gold, Silver, Copper found in surveyed areasThe Zymoetz river property consists of eleven contiguous claims comprising covering 5142 hectares in Omineca Mining Division, 45 km southeast of Terrace, BC and 140km north of Huckleberry Porphyry Copper Deposit. The ore-forming geological background of Zymoetz river property and Huckleberry Porphyry Copper Deposit are consistent. Mineralization is related to late cretaceous to tertiary porphyry, which intruded in the Jurassic alkaline-calcium alkaline Hazelton Group volcanic.

Initial ground survey in 2011 found chalcocite, malachite and chrysocolla with quartz, epidote, tremolite and garnet in green volcanics of the Lower Jurassic Hazelton Group (Telkwa Formation). Three samples were taken within 500m scope. Lab analysis returned high Cu values and good Au, Ag values, indicating great potential of a porphyry deposit.

The Clore river property consists of eight contiguous claims covering 3789 hectares in Omineca Mining Division, 45 km southeast of Terrace, BC.

The area is underlain by the Jurassic Hazelton Group volcanics which have been intruded by monzonitic stocks and plugs that are likely part of the Jurassic age Topley Intrusions. Extensive aplitic dike swarms intrude these rocks. Minor pyrite, chalcopyrite, and chalcocite mineralization occurs in heavily epidotized sections of the Hazelton Group consisting mainly of breccias, flows, and tuffs of andesitic composition. Gossanous zones occur with the copper sulphides in the volcanic rocks. Mineralized float from this area was sampled by D. Lay in 1929 and assayed 0.17 grams per tonne gold, 20.6 grams per tonne silver, and 1.6 per cent copper (Minister of Mines Annual Report 1929, page 178).

A 2012 work program on the above two properties have been planned and budgeted that will include airborne geophysics survey, geological mapping, and stream sendiment sampling.

The company is in discussion with a number of Canadian junior companies for potential acquisition of interest in brownfield properties through option agreement and/or JV arrangement. Focus is on BC, Yukon, Saskatchwen, and Ontario.

We welcome interested parties to contact us for potential partnership discussions.

Area of interest

omica mining north west British Columbia


High Concentrations of Copper and Silver Ore

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